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Helping doctors and clinics make money and be financially healthy.

Jt McDonald with Vance Johnson NFL Superbowler, Former top CPA Jim Lorang President of

We believe in trying to make a difference in people’s lives.  What you get in life is not as important as what you give in life.  Jace, the CEO donates a big chunk of his time to giving back to many of the Indian Tribes across the country.  Extending a helping hand in many financial matters as well as consulting with their medical staff regarding billing issues and showing tribes how to substantially increase their revenue and profits.  Jim, the President has coached youth and high school wrestling for over 18 years.  He really enjoys instilling morals, work ethic, and values with today’s youth.  Jim also volunteers as the Treasurer of a local non-denominational church.


We know the DBS+, as well as the Universal Allergy Solutions product, can not only save lives, but can also make a difference in daily living. The Digital Bioscan + product is significant in the early detection of possible serious health issues.  The Universal Allergy Solution product has an over 90% success rate in treating allergies with immunotherapy.  The patients that have received this immunotherapy have noticed a significant change in the quality of life.  Saving lives and making a difference, this is something we can all be proud of.