How Fast Do You Want Your Money?

Dear Business Owner,

Thank you for considering to claim your copy of “How Fast Do You Want Your Money” This book will teach you critical tax incentives skills, tools, techniques, and more that every Business Owner needs to understand and apply.

This book was originally created as a live interview. That’s why it reads as a conversation rather than a traditional “book” that talks “at” you. I wanted you to feel as though I am talking “with” you, much like a close friend or relative.

I felt that creating the material this way would make it easier for you to grasp the topics and put them to use quickly, rather than wading through hundreds of pages.

So relax. Grab a pen or pencil and some paper to take notes. And get ready to take your tax incentives to the next level so you can understand and get your money back in 90 days. Let’s get started with business owners who are missing out on tax credits, tax incentives, and tax savings right now…

Sincerely, Jace T.