New lucrative TAX code changes for your business, due to CARES ACT.

CARES ACT Passed by Congress on March 27th How does it help your business? Jace McDonald best selling author and entrepreneur will explain.

As a business owner, you are busy and hire professionals to handle your very important CPA and tax professional work. Those professionals have had over 3,000 changes hit them since the last government administration left office and the new current administration has been in place. More changes have occurred, such as the tax code changes in the JOBS ACT, and then the current CARES ACT. Are you aware of the new lucrative tax code changes?

Very few services are working with your CPA to help guide you through the process. This will see if you qualify under the Expanded R n D credits that many professionals never knew they would or could benefit from, such as Dentists, Farmers, Manufacturing.

If your business owns commercial real estate, new guidelines have opened up and expanded within the CARES ACT to make the more lucrative time in the tax code.