Busi­ness own­ers, do you have cus­tomers who are short on funds to pay you?

No cred­it check, 12 month pay­ment plan.


  • Bad cred­it OK
  • Up to 12 month pay­ment options
  • $5000 Max­i­mum
  • Funer­al Homes and Plas­tic Sur­geons = $7500 Max
  • Get paid for sale UP FRONT
  • Huge up sell­ing opportunity

100 cus­tomers walk in your door and 50 of them will have cash or cred­it to pay for your prod­uct or ser­vice. What hap­pens to the oth­er 50 cus­tomers? If you are an aver­age retail­er they are walk­ing out the door with­out buy­ing. Their excus­es vary but it all comes down to their inabil­i­ty to come up with the need­ed cash or cred­it to buy today.