Jace T. McDonald

Consultant and self-employed entrepreneur

Jace T. McDonald

Jace T. McDonald has worked as a consultant and self-employed entrepreneur for over two decades. It has been a real blessing in his life, especially to be in the business Jace is in now. It’s fulfilling to meet the people he has been able to meet and to share opportunities with them and their families. Jace T. McDonalds loves getting up every morning to go to work. He gets to help people. Jace works with his clients and friends to build a real legacy. At the end of the day, it’s all about your kids, your grandkids, and everyone you love. Think about what you’re going to leave behind. To help people accomplish this goal, well, it means a lot to Jace T. It is rewarding to protect what people have worked so hard for. Of course, as his friends and family all know, the industry Jace was blessed to find—asset protection and fractional settlement—was not always his passion.

Jace T. McDonald in contracting service industry

Before the housing crash, Jace T. McDonald had a team of over 100 at their peak, doing service work. It was a tough job and Jace felt he was simply working too hard for a dollar. Jace was in that contracting service industry for over 17 years before he decided to get out. He didn’t want to stay in that very stressful industry. He knew he wanted something more fulfilling. A business that allows him to help others in a meaningful way, fits that bill.

Jace T. McDonald and Jessica oversee assisted care facilities

Extending from the asset protection business, Jace T. McDonald oversees a few assisted care facilities, along with his wife, Jessica. In fact, they opened a new facility just last fall. Working in the assisted care industry goes very much hand-in-hand with the asset protection industry. A lot of people don’t think about it, but when people go into an assisted care situation, they still have plenty of assets in their home or business. Always those assets need protection from nursing homes, probate, creditors, liabilities and estate taxes.

Jace T. McDonalds’ Tribal Initiative