Happy 4th of July

I cannot believe another July is here and spring is gone,  where did it go??

Ryder is now almost 4 years old on August 1st and I sure don’t know where those years went.

Montello Comfort living assisted care home is up and running along side the 4th  tax savings and financial success office in Wisconsin.  Lots to organize and tidy up yet,  but thanks to many wonderful staff and contractors that were a blessing.

I have had some wonderful people pass away this past 12 months and I wanted to say how sad I was that I knew of programs to help their families more financially, especially in times of loss and we had not made the time to provide those solutions to them.  So I hope you take time to review this email below,  your family deserves this information.

Summer MONTHLY INCOME information update –  Yes its true our work has helped the Bad River Chippewa Tribe in Wisconsin,  earn about $20,000 added income each month vs their banks and brokers paying them about $4,200 a year on the same funds.  What does that mean to you?  See the attached letter on their comments from accounting manager.

Are you looking to earn more this summer each month?  Yes we do offer a 9 month, 6% paid monthly.  No long term tie up of your funds, no added fees, no market risk, yes 100% secured funds.  We have higher earning options also if desired, with short terms like 12, 18 and 24 months.

How about a 40% rate gain,  100% secured funds, NO market risk, NO managed fees.

10% per 12 months for 48 months, yes its for qualified funds and can be used inside your businesses 401k plan.  If your hoping to retire soon,  how would a 40% gain boost your retirement funds,  especially since your 401k is taxed uncle Sam wants his share.

Bonus –  if your paying for life insurance and not getting FREE living benefits,  why not?

Its easy,  no added cost and usually a saving from your old rates your paying without the added benefits of Living Benefits.  My wife, son and I have this blessing your family deserves it also.  Ask about the cheap ART plans,  my wife got an extra $1 million in coverage for about $21 a month,  yes wow,  with living benefits.

Business owners if you need more tax deductions,  tax deferred growth and tax free retirement income,  we can help you with that also,  including WOTC tax credits for each new employee up to $9600.  If your not getting them,  why not,  boost your bottom line,  we can do this with easy technology.  We use it for our assisted care homes,  why aren’t you getting your fair share?

Happy 4th of July and don’t forget — is your money working as hard as you are?  What would an extra $500 or $1500 a month do to help?  See attached letter from Bad River accounting manager on how the added funds have helped them over the past year.

If there was a better way to do something,  would you rather know the first day or the last?

Sincerely hoping your enjoying summer with friends and family,

JT. McDonald